Research collaborations in the NSF-funded project, 2009-2013.

Análisis de artefactos Artifact analysis

Ann H. Peters

Project Co-Director

Anthropological archaeologist, specializing in analysis of textiles and other organic artifacts and the reconstruction of mortuary practices.

Vanessa Tinteroff

Ceramic analyst

Archaeologist specializing in the documentation and analysis of ceramic forms, paste composition and firing practices.

Enrique Angulo

Species identification in featherwork

Veterinarian fascinated by the history of people-animal relationships in ancient Andean societies, with a project focusing on the domestication and keeping of birds.

Bio-arqueología Bio-archaeology

Elsa Tomasto-Cagigao

Project Co-Director

Biological archaeologist specializing in elucidating biographic information from the study of deceased individuals in their archaeological context.

Mellisa Lund

Forensic anthropologist

Biological anthropologist specializing in the study of trauma and healing.

Richard Sutter

Biological relationships

Biological anthropologist with a long-term project evaluating the degree of genetic relationship based on tooth morphology

Conservación y documentación

Luis Alberto Ayarza U.

Archival research

Art historian and practicing artist, with interests in the history of archaeological illustration and paper conservation.

Carmen Carranza

Conservator of textiles and organic artifacts

Specializing in the preventative conservation and preparation for exhibit of archaeological collections housed in a museum environment.

Luis Alberto Peña C.

Textile conservator

Professional archaeologist and conservator of archaeological textiles, human remains and intact mortuary bundles incorporating diverse materials.

Andrés Shiguekawa

Textile conservator

Archaeologist and textile conservator specializing in safety and stability in both storage and exhibition contexts.