A new start!

This is a rebuild of our project website, first put up in 2013. Our beloved WordPress template “Atahualpa” ceased to be supported and eventually ceased to appear (the analogy to the preserved bodies of the Incas and their ancestors does come to mind). We waited for a couple of years as there were rumors that Atahualpa would be reassembled and come back to life (yes, strong analogy there). But in 2021 we decided to (meanwhile?) start afresh.

Our previous site hosted a searchable database of the archival information available for each Wari Kayan tomb, based on excavation notes and museum and archival records. We have continued to update that information and will make a new version available in the future.

Since our project “Practice in Life, Presence after Death: Style and Substance at the Paracas Necrópolis” was launched in 2009, other archaeological projects that address contexts of the Paracas and Nasca traditions have flourished in the south central Andes. Information has been built for each watershed in the greater Ica region – Chincha, Pisco, Ica, Palpa and Nasca – and for the great bays of Paracas and Independencia. As results are published, we add them to our Blbliography, which is becoming quite a document!

Our rebuild is still in progress, so please pardon the construction dust here and there.

Con un abrazo fuerte!

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